Thursday, December 8, 2016

Arturo Strikes Back in 'Any Small Goodness'

How will Arturo get his venganza in the chapter "The Green Needle Gang" of Any Small Goodness?

 Today's Focus Question    How can we determine the theme or a central idea of a text through an examination of a story's characters?

Reflecting on "The Lunch Box"  Before we begin today's reading let's briefly revisit the chapter "The Lunch Box" of Any Small Goodness. Look over the assignment Any Small Goodness - The Lunch Box (Ch. 7)Why do you think the author titled this part of the book "The Lunchbox"? What's the significance of the lunch box? What does it represent?

Now let's take another look at the document Any Small Goodness - Prepare to Read and Character Map. Who is the character from the chapter "The Lunchbox" who influences Arturo the most? What lesson does he learn from this person? Might this lesson be a part of the puzzle to ultimately determining the theme of the entire novel?  

Guided Reading of Any Small Goodness: "The Green Needle Gang"  Today we will continue our reading of Any Small Goodness by reading the chapter "The Green Needle Gang" together. As we read we will stop periodically to discuss and analyze the text. You will also be using the document Any Small Goodness - The Green Needle Gang (Ch. 8), which is located in your Language Arts Google Classroomto reflect on and respond to this chapter.

Homework (1.) Read for at least 30 minutes at home each school night. (2.) Complete the assignment Any Small Goodness - The Green Needle Gang (Ch.8), which is due next Friday, December 16.

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