Thursday, August 20, 2015

Accelerated Reader, Goal-Setting, and Independent Activities

Are you ready to begin your reading adventure?
Introducing Accelerated Reading and Taking Your First Quiz  Watch the video below to get a basic introduction of how the Accelerated Reader program works.


Now that you know the basics, let's head on over to the Accelerated Reader website and take your first quiz of the school year and hopefully earn your first points. Earlier in the week, I read aloud the story Thank You, Mr. Falker. Now it's time to test your comprehension and take the quiz. 

Accelerated Reader Goal-Setting  Once you know what your reading level is, you will have a better idea of what level books you should be reading and what an appropriate reading goal would be for you for the quarter. I will be meeting with you during this time to discuss your reading level, "just right" books levels, and to decide on your A.R. goal. We will use a chart like the one below to help us in the process. 
You will then record your personalized reading data and A.R. goal on document Reading Data and Goal-Setting Chart located in your Language Arts Google Classroom. I've placed in your Language Arts folders. If I don't have time meet with you today, we will make time tomorrow. 

While I am meeting with students you will be working on the independent activities presented below.

Context Clues Practice  Let's continue to practice with context clues. Today hopefully you will have some fun by playing some online context clues related games here and here.  

Newsela Independent Reading  If you choose and time permits, head on over to Newsela. Remember to 'Sign in with Google.' Today you may select the article or articles of your choice, choose your preferred reading level, and take the associated quiz or quizzes. Good luck and happy reading! 

Homework  Don't forget that you have two Language Arts assignments that must be completed and 'turned in' by tomorrow, Friday, August 21, in order to receive full credit: Learning to Read Story and Context Clues Practice.

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