Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

Video of the Day In honor of Earth Day today, I would like to spend some time talking about the small things that each of us can do to make our planet a better and more sustainable place. What are you doing to save water? What are you doing to save energy? What are you doing to keep our planet (and our school) clean? Check out the video below about how even small measures to protect our planet's resources can make a difference. Every day should be Earth Day! Do your part!

100 Word Challenge Enjoy some time to work on this week's 100 Word Challenge story 100 Word Challenge: X Marks the Spot (Week 29), which we will publish on Friday, April 24.

Library Visit Need a new book? Today's your lucky day, as we are headed to the library. If you need help finding a "just right" book for you, just ask. If you are not looking for books, I expect you to use your library time to work on your writing or silent reading. Remember you are in a competition with the other Language Arts classes to see which can earn the most Accelerated Reader points. The winning class earns a pizza and movie day. Let's get reading!

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