Monday, March 30, 2015

Body Paragraphs and Test Prep

 Today's Learning Objectives  Write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence. 

Write an Argument Essay: The Body Paragraphs  Today we will continue to work on the body paragraphs of of our argument essays (using the document My Argument Essay). Remember to make sure you are ordering your supporting points appropriately, providing additional details to support your main points, and using transition words (which you can still find here) to tie your ideas together.   

You also want to make sure to acknowledge the opposing point of view, but then refute it.  Explain using evidence why this line of reasoning is wrong.  

Make sure you check the 'Body Paragraphs Checklist' before moving on. 

Smarter Balanced Online Testing Practice  Testing season is fast approaching. When we return from Spring Break we begin the state and federally mandated Smarter Balanced Online Summative Assessments. To help prepare you, we will engage in sessions of online testing practice this week.

Today we will begin one such practice session. Please visit the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress site's practice testing portal here. You should screen similar to the one below; make sure you're logging on as a 'GUEST' and click 'Sign In'. 

Next, click 'Select Grade' and choose '6' and click 'Yes'.

Finally, click on 'Start G6 ELA Practice Test,' and eventually you'll arrive on the beginning of the test. Let's examine the format of the test, practice a few together, and then I will let you go ahead independently. 

Homework  (1.) Read your A.R. book at home for at least 30 minutes and make a Digital Reading Log entry using the new 4th Quarter Reading Log, which has been placed in your Language Arts folder(2.) Complete the body paragraphs of My Argument Essay

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