Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Denotation and Connotation

Warm Up  Good morning!  Let's get the day started with a little typing practice.  Open up your Typing Club app and get started!  When you hear the alarm, please end your typing session and return to the Language Arts Blog.  

Vocabulary: Understanding Denotation and Connotation  The English language is filled with words that at first glance appear to be very similar to each other.  However, when we look closer at the context these words are used in, differences in meaning become a lot more apparent.  Don't believe me?  Check out the video below.  

Words have shades of meaning.  In addition to a literal definition, otherwise known as denotation, words also have what we call a connotation.  Connotation includes the emotions, feelings, and images associated with a word.  Learn more by watching the video below.     

Now that you understand that words can have similar denotations while also having very different connotations, let's put your understanding to the test.  You can find a list of words here that are similar to each other with regards to definition (denotation) yet have very different feelings (connotations) associated with them.  Use the assignment here to match the words from the word list with similar denotations.  Next, sort the pair of words by which has a more positive connotation and which is more negative.  

Homework  (1.) 30 minutes of silent reading at home.  Make sure to record your reading on one of the digital reading logs available.  Our weekly Google Form reading log is here and the Google Spreadsheet reading log can be found here.  (2.) Complete your 'Connotation Chart' assignment.  

Coming Up: Apostrophes Re-Take Quiz  Some students have privately expressed their disappointment with their grade on last week's NoRedInk 'Apostrophes' Quiz.  I hear your cries for mercy and therefore will be offering a one-time 'Apostrophes' retake quiz this week.  If you were disappointed with your score and its impact on your overall Language Arts grade, come to my class on Thursday, April 10 at lunch and take a new version of the same test again.  Whichever quiz grade is the highest will be the one entered in School Loop.  In the meantime, you are welcome to go on NoRedInk and do the various apostrophe practice activities.  I hope you take advantage of this offer.  Good luck!